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Kent Seaver

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Kent Seaver

Kent Seaver has been working in student assessment and academic success for over 18 years. In this time, he has worked at various places, helping thousands of students from all over the country, and world. He has written dozens of articles on subjects such as student success and retention for the American Technical Education Association, NACADA, AACRAO, and for Military Advanced Education.

He is currently the Director of Learning Resources at North Lake College, and he has worked diligently in that role to ensure that student success is a top priority in terms of completion and transfer. Before becoming Director, he worked with many students – including new students, home-schooled students, transfer students, and returning student veterans. During his time at North Lake, he has undertaken extensive research on the impact of Prior Learning Assignments on the success of military students, and the work force placement impact and advising success of such cohorts after the completion of their educational requirements

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