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1 What is a live training/Webinar?

Live training/webinar is atwo way interactive training session conducted over the Internet. It usually lasts 60-90 minutes. The faculty or speaker shares his/her screen and voice with the registered participant though computer or phone. A participant is allowed to ask questions during the session to the faculty during the session through chat and audio options. Participant will also receive the original slides/conference material used by the faculty during the session and can also earn Continuing Education unit (If applicable).

2 What is an E-Transcript?

It is a downloadable version of a normal word to word paperbacktranscript. Purchaser can read the entire training session along with the recorded Q&A session conducted during the webinar. As per the convenience purchaser can also print required number of copies an E-Transcript or could read it on kindle/phones/computers and other electronic devices which can support MS-word files.

3 What is an OD/On-Demand Webinar?

On-Demand/OD webinars are self-paced recorded audiovisual training programs that allow you to earn continuing education credit at your own convenience. OD isavailable online to access anytime, anywhere. And you can watch OD sessions multiple timeswithin 24 hrs on the date of your choice. You will receive the instructions & link to attend the On-Demand webinar after the commencement of a live training/Webinar session or if it is already recorded then you can attend it right away.

4 What is an E-DVD/Virtual DVD?

An E-DVD is a downloadable version ofa pre-recorded live Webinar along with the Q&A session.It is self-paced recorded audiovisual training programs. It’s a must purchase option for those who want to build their own library or want to watch the session any time.

5 What is an Audio Download?

This product is specifically developed for that busy professional who doesn’t get time to watch a training session. An audio download is a MP3 recorded audio version of a webinar where the attendee will be able to download and listen to the webinar as per there convenience while driving, working or walking. You can also request us to convert the audio format as per your requirement.

6 How do I register/purchasetraining?

You can register in the following methods as per your convenience:


1.Browse our website and choose your desired training and the way you want to train by purchasing the desired product.

  1. You will have to create an account on our website(free of cost) by just entering your details like Name, Job title,address,Phone number etc. These details are required in order to deliver you the product.
  2. Pay through our 100% secure payment methods. Choose paying by PayPal or your choice of credit or debit card of any company and rest is all up to us. We will send you the product itself or the attending instructions in case if the product is meant to be accessed online.


Give us a call. Tell us what you are looking for and we will guide you through the process or we will register you from our end by registering you manually. Don’t worry; we don’t store credit card details.

7 What are the system requirements to attend a live/on-demand Webinar?

All you need is a regular telephone/mobile, computer/laptop/i-pad, and a good internet connection. You will be provided with the dial-in details to hear the audio and the webinar link to see the presenter’s screen. This will give you the real time experience.

8 What if I cannot attend the live webinar?

Our training programs are available in many formats. You can choose the best suited way you want to train.You can order one of the recorded products as per your requirement and convenience.

9 When and how will I receive information on how to participate in live webinar?

You will receive instruction kit 48 Hours prior to the Webinar to your registered email address:

  • Go-to-Webinar Link – To see the presenter’s screen. You are supposed to use the link in your computer system/tablet to see the presenter’s screen.
  • Make sure you start checking your spam/junk folder as well 48 hours prior( Only for Live webinar, the details for the On-Demand will be shared on the webinar date)
  • If for any reason you do not receive your Dial-In information or instruction kit prior to the conference, Email us on  or call us immediately at +1-888-881-2588 or notify us on chat.
  • We would also recommend you to provide an alternate personal e-mail address as well while registering. This would help us in getting you the webinar instructions if your official e-mail/server doesn’t allow us to share the same.

10 How late can I register for a Live training?

You can register 5 minutes prior to the start time of the live webinar but it’s always recommended to register 48 hours prior to the webinar in order to book your limited seat and avoid last minute issues. You are requested to call our customer service representative over the phone / chat to receive Dial-In instructions.

11 Will I get the Continuing Education Credits on DVD/Transcript/Audio Download?

No, the CEUs are only given to the Live/On-Demand participants.

12 What time will it take to receive my e-Transcript,e-DVD?

E-Transcript.e-DVD will be accessible within or 1 week later post Live Webinar.

13 DVD/Transcript for training company employees?

DVD/Transcript is a copyrighted material which is only available for personal use by the customer. You need to buy enterprise pack which is available during checkout. Contact customer service at number to ask for the institutional rights for the desired training product.Federal Comply strictly adheres to the US Copyright Laws and the International Copyright Rules and we advise our customers to adhere to laws.

14 Can we watch in group after registering for one?

Our all the Individual category products (Live/Ondemand/DVD/Transcript) are only for individual use.  To train groups, you must purchase suitable products from ‘Friends & colleagues’ or ‘Enterprise’ options for multiple participants or for institutional license. We strictly adhere to the US Copyright Laws and the International Copyright Rules and we advise our customers to adhere to laws.

15 Are there any discounts offered for training a group or multiple participants?

Yes. Our ‘friends & Colleagues’ and ‘Enterprise’ options are designed for keeping big audiences in mind which provide budget friendly deals.

16 What are the various modes of payment?

We accept following forms of payment methods:

  • All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted- Visa,MasterCard ,Discover, American Express etc.
  • We accept payments through PayPal,check/Invoices.

Please Note: We are compliant with PCI DSS regulations and don’t store the credit card information. Therefore, all your credit card/debit card payments are 100% secured.

17 How can I pay via invoice?

We do accept payments via check/invoice. Please e-mail us on to get the order form and to know the complete process.

18 Can I get a customized training session for my organization?

Yes, you can contact our customer support and explain your requirements. Please contact our customer service at +1 (888) 881 2588to request on-site training.








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