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Multi State Payroll Taxation

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Multi State Payroll Taxation


About this course

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Recorded On: Aug 14, 2019

Training Duration: 60 Minutes

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Ensure Payroll and Taxation Compliance for Employees that Work in the Multiple States

To better understand the laws in each state and the tax guidance on how to determine taxation when employees live in one state and work in another. Or for employees that work in multiple states that travel for work.  Details of residency rules and why employers care about them.  The participant will get a better understanding of reciprocity agreements and what it means for multi-state taxation.  A review of current states with reciprocity will be reviewed.  The participant will have a better understanding of the employer responsibility along with the costly effect of not following the state laws.  Also other state laws that affect payroll will be discussed.  Webinar will cover withholding rules, reciprocity and residency definitions. 


Session Highlights:

  • How to look up state rules?
  • How to review several state rules to determine the proper taxation
  • Understanding Nexus and how it works?
  • Case Studies that help bring examples and learning how to apply learning to real world scenarios
  • Multi State Taxation Concerns
    • Residency
    • Reciprocity Agreements
    • Resident/Non Resident Withholding Rules
    • Evaluating taxation for multiple states
    • What wages are subject to taxation?
    • Withholding compliance issues.
    • State Unemployment Insurance
    • Traveling Employees
    • Administrative Concerns
    • HR Concerns
    • Local tax residency rules
    • Case Studies
  • Other Multi-State Payroll Compliance Concerns
    • Frequency of Pay
    • Method of Payment
    • Pay Statements
    • Deductions from Pay


Why You Should Attend:

Understanding how to calculate tax for employees in 2 or more states can be confusing. Plus what state laws for payroll need to be followed when employing employees in more than one state. Review of pending impact of the Mobile Workforce Act and audit activity to be aware of that state agencies are doing.


Who Should Attend :

  • Payroll professionals
  • Accounting Professionals
  • Tax Professionals
  • Human Resource Professionals


In this Recorded Sessionyou can listen to Q&A which includes direct answer from our expert speaker.

*Instruction kit to access the session will be emailed within 6 hours.


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