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Electronic Recording and Monitoring Legal Pitfalls-Emails, Phone Calls etc.

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Electronic Recording and Monitoring Legal Pitfalls-Emails, Phone Calls etc.


About this course

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Recorded On: June 24, 2019

Training Duration: 90 Minutes

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It is a new world out there, and managers and HR need to be aware that with new technology comes with new risks. Can recordings, monitoring, tapping hurt your organization, and what can you as an employer do to safeguard yourself from laws. Employees can easily record every conversation they have with management with a quick tap of their smartphones. Can you have a policy prohibiting this, and what might that policy include?  Is an employee’s recording of your conversation lawful?  Is it admissible in a court of law and can it be used against you?  Would telling employees that they cannot record your conversation violate any laws?  If so, which ones?

Another issue that employers often wonder about is an employer’s right to view text messages that an employee sends.  Can an employer read an employee’s e-mail?  Can a supervisor listen in on conference calls without announcing him or herself? Could that violate the employee’s right to privacy?  Could it violate any other laws, federal or state?  What policies does HR have to implement to protect your organization with regard to these issues?

Please join legal expert, Melissa Fleischer, Esq. as she clears up these questions and more in this informative and relevant webinar.



Session Highlights-

Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Are employers allowed to record their employees without their consent and vice versa?
  • Is it lawful for employers to prohibit employees from taping conversations in the workplace?
  • What laws exist that might make this a problem?
  • What do the courts have to say on this issue?
  • Can employers lawfully monitor employee’s e-mails, text messages, etc.?
  • What risks exist for employers who do view an employee’s e-mail or text message?
  • What policies and practices do you need to have in place to conduct such monitoring?
  • Could monitoring employees lead to claims of violation of their right to privacy?


Why You Should Attend:

  • Make sure your employees are not preparing for litigation by recording important conversations HR and Managers are Conducting.
  • Ensure that you know what to include in a No-Recording in the Workplace Policy.
  • Learn how to comply with the laws that impact having a No-Recording in the Workplace Policy.
  • Understand your compliance obligations when monitoring your employee’s electronic communications.
  • Understand what laws govern and could cause legal perils when monitoring employees’ electronic communications.


Who should attend:

  • HR Professionals
  • In-House Counsel
  • Managers
  • HR Directors
  • HR Generalists
  • Attorneys


In this Recorded Sessionyou can listen to Q&A which includes direct answer from our expert speaker.

*Instruction kit to access the session will be emailed within 6 hours.


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