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Sexual Harassment in the workplace

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Sexual Harassment in the workplace

Sexual Harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical conduct. Such kind of conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual’s employment.HR possesses how the organization is committed to providing a zero-tolerance, discrimination and harassment-free work environment.

All employees have the right to work in a safe, respectful, harassment-free environment. Employers are strongly encouraged to create a clear and effective grievance process and communicate harassment policies with all employees. The company must take reasonable care to prevent and reasonable care to quickly stop the harassment.


Employers should avoid these examples of behaviours to give harassment-free work environment-

  • Unwanted jokes, gestures, offensive words on clothing, and unwelcome comments and repartee that is sexual in nature.
  • One worker groping another coworker.
  • Displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures, or posters in the workplace.
  • Someone forces an individual to tolerate sexual harassment for fear of losing a job, or in order to obtain a raise or promotion.

Employees need to understand that they have an obligation to report sexual harassment concerns to their supervisor, manager or department. Harassment is illegal and the employer is liable, but the employer must be notified of the behaviour. It is crucial that the act is reported. Taking immediate action to investigate and address a situation where an employee reports sexual harassment can not only decrease or eliminate your organization’s liability.

How to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the workplace?

  • Create and communicate a clear anti-harassment policy
  • Ensure managers and supervisors understand their obligation to maintain zero tolerance for harassment
  • Monitor emails and other electronic communication for harassing content
  • Ensure That All Upper-Level Employees Attend Anti-Harassment Workshops
  • Promptly investigate and deal with all complaints of harassment.

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